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“Mister, I never seen anyone fall asleep standing up, before!”


So, TINS©, TIWFDASL©, and running on around 2 hours sleep a day, between work, school, studying and etcetera. One night, I was driving and Doug was medic-ing, and we caught a run for a sick person. Now, in Da City, it gets cold in the winter. In addition, in Michigan, in February, there’s this thing, the locals call it “snow”, all over the place. It’s cold, and, once it gets all over your socks, your feet get wet, and, being February in Michigan, they get really, really cold.

I had imagined that folks who lived there, would have figured that out, after a winter or three. I was mistaken. So there we were, in somebody’s living room around oh-dark-hundred, and folks were scrambling to find shoes, and coats, and ID, and medical cards, because, nobody had figured out, going to Da Hospital entailed exiting their warm, dry home, walking through the snow to the curb, and, once EMS had delivered you the Da Hospital, identifying yourself and providing such insurance documentation as you possessed.

Seemed like a new concept to these folks.

So, while the scramble happened, I found a nice cozy doorway, and leaned up against it, and went to sleep. Standing up. On a scene. In DaCity. With my partner next to me.

The next thing I knew, Doug was nudging me, and demanding the keys. “Why?”

Because I’m driving.”

Why are you driving?”

Because you are too sleepy to drive. Here’s the trip sheet.”

I don’t know the information to complete it.”

I completed it. While you were sleeping. Standing up.”

Recognizing when it was useless to argue (particularly when he was right), we settled the patient in to the back of the truck, I buckled myself in, and I tried to get my eyes to focus enough to make sense of the trip sheet. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my patient, an elderly grandmotherly type, looking at me peculiarly.

Can I help you, Ma’am?”

Mister, they must work you folks awful hard.”

Well, Ma’am, it gets kinda busy sometimes, Why do you ask?”

Mister, I ain’t never seen nobody fall asleep standing up before!”

Ma’am, it’s kind of a novelty to me, too!”

One thought on ““Mister, I never seen anyone fall asleep standing up, before!”

  1. It seemed to be a common problem, this lack of organization or preparedness. I was a foster care worker and would sometimes transport parents or children to court. If I was picking up the kids from a foster home they would usually be ready, not so the parents. If it was morning court I would often have to wake them up.


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