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Career Goals

So, once I graduated from PA school, we moved to Rural Ville. I had a job in the ER 
of the local hospital, so the kids went to the local school. Surprising, no?

My kids were in 8th grade and 9th grade. There were the usual transition rough 
spots, but they adapted soon enough. 

One day the school had a career day, and everyone got to describe their career 
plans. There were the the nurse wannabe-s, and future farmers, and prospective 

My one son had physics research in his sights. The other was less particular: 
"Not nursing!". 

My youngest came home after the career day, indignation oozing from every pore.
He couldn't contain himself. 

"So, we all have our little spiels. This one wants to be a baker, that one wants to be 
a nurse. Another wants to be a farmer. One kid said only this: 'Ahmgondrahvtruck!", 
and sat down. 

"Not 'I'm going to drive a milk truck", or 'a grain truck', or 'an over-the-road truck'. 
Nope! Just 'truck.' 'Ahmgondrahvtruck'. Where do they find these people?"

I had no answer. 


2 thoughts on “Career Goals

  1. There is something positive to be said for knowing what you want early in life when you compare it with being 65+ & wondering what your going to do when you grow up…


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