Life in Da City!

Nursing Stories The First

So, TINS, TIWFDASL in an ER in a little hospital in Da City. The night of this particular tale, I was in triage, and so found myself interviewing this febrile, coughing, achy, miserable soul.

We had conversed about his medication allergies, which medications he regularly took, his own medical history, and were beginning to chat about the events that had led him conclude that a visit to ER was the prudent way to spend his evening.

He had already cataloged the fever, cough, and myalgias culminating in our lovely little chat, when he shared with me the fact that, “Doc, I’m so sick that I cannot even smoke!”

I had spent a rather busy night in triage, and was kinda lacking in sympathy. In addition, my “Thought/Speech Filter” was in need of some preventive maintenance. I replied, “You do know, sir, that in some ways, that could be regarded as a clue?”

Fortunately, this gentleman had a very robust sense of humor. His chuckled reply confirmed it: “I know, right?”

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