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Duck Butter

So, TINS, there I was, sleeping my ass off, and NOT saving lives, because my employer had laid me off due our low (read: nonexistent) census. As had become my routine, I awakened promptly at the asscrack of noon, and stumbled to the kitchen, blearily admiring the Hot! Coffee! Pot! That TDW-Mark II had whipped up. As I was preparing my offering to Saint Arabica, Patron of the Sleepy, she was saying something, probably related to planning for activities later in the day. I was not paying much attention, grunting affirmatively from time to time, when a lull in her soliloquy indicated the need for some sort of response from me.

I had completed mixing my coffee and replacing the fixings, when she observed that she had included on her list, and I swear that I am not making this up, “…and we need some duck butter, so that’s on the list.”

THAT captured my attention. “What? Duck butter? Why do we need duck butter? What is duck butter, anyway?”

As is likely no surprise, she gave me “THAT LOOK”, the one learned in wife school, and generally displayed when the husband displays some new peak of stoopid.

“Duck butter? I said ‘cat litter’! How on earth can you get ‘duck butter’ from cat litter?”

I deliberated on this question for a moment. “I dunno. Squeeze it really hard?”


3 thoughts on “Duck Butter

  1. I’ve been having similar episodes of mishearing and getting the same looks. The missus is officially in the warpath that I might need to get me some hearing aids. Something to do with both side of my family developing serious hearing loss as we got older.

    And I am looking from one of those old one that look like an old transistor radio hanging around your neck just to mess with her.


    1. Verranahz! Myself, it is likely associated both with shooting, as well as early misjudgements regarding lack or hearing pro. Oh, yes: that as well as siren speakers that Da City had mounted on the roof of the cab, making the crew compartment into a giant reverb box for the sirens. Belatedly, I started to wear hearing protection (muffs) ob the job, en route to scenes.

      Other medics laughed, but they also went “Huh?” a lot more than I did.


  2. I find having hearing aids means: A) hearing more, and B) a delightful opportunity to purposely mis-hear and respond with something (I am told) wildly inappropriate. Entertainment is where you find it. Aside: fired a revolver in .454 Casull yesterday; you darn betcha everybody had ear pro.


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