Fun And Games Off Duty · Having A Good Partner Is Very Important!


Recently TDW-Mark II was perusing Facebook, and noticed that Number Three Son, and his wife, had posted a couple of pictures. In the first, he was dressed in a nice suit, she in a nice red dress, posed all nice and proper.

In the second, SHE was in the suit, HE was in the red dress, and they were, again, posed soberly and portrait like.

TDW-Mark II called this to my attention, allowed me a couple of seconds to deliberate over this vignette, and then opined, “He loves his wife way more than you love me! You would never do that sort of clothing swap with me!”

I considered this, and observed, “Well, now you know!”


3 thoughts on “Revelations

  1. Grew up with that phrase from my dad. Seven kids meant there was always someone complaining that another was loved more.


  2. Haha!
    In the distant past, the conversation with my two opposite-sex-from-me roomies turned to the advantage they had over me what with the superior ventilation of sun dresses over my jeans. OK. On with the sun dress of my future wife. Yup, definitely cooler. There’s a knock at the door… We weren’t expecting anyone so I had to perform my manly role. It was my future MIL. Not sure what she thought. We never discussed it… Oddly, she never again dropped in unexpectedly.


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