A long, long time ago, in a Blue Hive not so very far from here, I was Fighting Disease, and Saving Lives. In addition, I was pursuing my BSN, as in my imaginings, that which I desired to do required a graduate degree, and THAT required that I earn a baccalaureate degree.

As it developed, this week’s version of BSN program entry prerequisites included physics, and so I registered for, and took, a physics class. Of course, I worked 1900 to 0700, and, equally of course, class was from 1900 to 2000. So, I played “Let’s Make A Deal!” with one of the guys from day shift. In exchange for Day Dude staying over to 2030 hours, I would stick around until 0830 the following morning, allowing Day Dude to sleep in a bit. Sleeping was an activity generally highly thought of in my circles.

I am a bit of a science dilettante, and enjoyed the academic aspects of the course. This one time, I had a question regarding the material. Once class had taken a break, I approached the instructor. Since I had to immediately scurry off to the firehouse post class (see above), I was in uniform. In those days, EMS uniform was tan shirts (think sheriff office), and forest green pants. On each shoulder was a large (think, Seventh Cavalry sized) patch proclaiming the bearer to be a part of “Da City Fire Department, EMS Division”, rockered around a large, forest green, “Star of Life” which occupied the very center of the patch. Not particularly subtle, amirite?

So, I approached the instructor. As my turn to have his attention arrived, I started to speak my question, only to be interrupted by him. “Are you some sort of forest ranger? “

Wow, talk about flight of ideas! I ignored him, and asked my question. He asked his, again. I answered him. “Nope, I’m EMS, See?”, and turned so the large patch was almost in his face. “Now, about the class….”


2 thoughts on “Tangents.

    1. Thank you for caring. She’s perking along. More specialists are in her future. This might be a good opportunity to give props to my colleagues and employer: simply STELLAR on swapping shifts on 2 days notice, and generally facilitating my commutes when that is indicated.

      More questions are developing, of course, and most of them due to my late-thawing numbness.

      Time (and The Creator) will tell.


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