Pains in my Fifth Point of Contact

Doctor Google.

Those of you who have read more than a couple of my musings, might not be surprised to hear that I genuinely attempt to do the best for my patients that I can. It seems to me that I ought to allow you, the patient, to benefit from my two years of ADN RN school (community college), another two years of RN-to-BSN school (Bachelor in Nursing), 30 + years of experience as an RN, layered upon 1 year of Basic EMT school, another year of Advanced EMT school (ie, “Paramedic” school). All this leavened by 3 years of Physician Assistant schooling, culminating in 15 + years of clinical experience since obtaining my PA license.

Not to mention something on the order of 2,000 hours of continuing medical education, over those 15 years of clinical midlevel practice.

So, therefore, please contemplate the possibility that, when I appear reluctant to prescribe The! Z! Pak! for your stuffy nose, postnasal drip, and cough, it may not be solely motivated by the fact that I am an asshole. Indeed, it just might be because, after all the aforementioned clinical experience and schooling, I might doubt that antibiotics will successfully address your discomfort, and the alternative, over the counter course of medications that I try to suggest (in between your interrupting me every several words) will, in my judgment, actually make you feel less ill.

Jess’ sayin.


4 thoughts on “Doctor Google.

  1. All respect to you for your dedication and service to a group of people who are at best cranky and very uncomfortable. Being one of those people more often now that I am over eighty, I come in contact with doctors who think because of my age think I am senile and either won’t let me speak or listen to what I have to say. The result is I don’t receive the service that I pay for and the result is both of us are unhappy. Yes life is a bitch,thanks for listening to my bitch.


  2. I remember, years ago, my doctor being pleased that I understood antibiotics didn’t help viral infections. He also mentioned there is pressure from both sides of the examination table that the Doctor be able to do something. Saw a lot of this in mental health, people looking for a magic pill to cure every perceived disfunction.


  3. Funny how that works isn’t it McFee… Even for lowly nurses we get that same treatment relaying orders and instructions. One thing I do not allow docs or NPs or PAs is to dismiss my concerns, descriptions of symptoms and fears, but I am not an uneducated patient.


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