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A New Episode, Wherein I Get The Rona

So, This Happened: Overnight, the other night, I awakened feeling overheated. My go-to assessment in that sort of scenario is that The Darling Wife had turned the thermostat up, and so, of course, I arose to investigate this possibility. I noted that the thermostat remained where it had been the previous day, which pushed that explanation way, way down my differential of why I felt hot.

I returned to bed, awakened, and went through my usual pre fighting disease and saving lives routine. I then drove my happy self to work, completing the pre work checklist which “screens” us for (shudder!) Da Rona!.

On this day, I acknowledged that I had felt sort of feverish the preceding night, and had a worsening of my baseline, Live in The Un Named Fly Over State In Winter, cough. Being a diligent doobie, I phoned my supervising physician, and appraised her of these data points.

Reasonably, I next was the object of a rapid coronavirus test.

Now, y’all get where I work, right? So, it is no surprise that I have, indeed, been exposed to Da Rona, every working day of my life, since Rona first began to get “popular”. Therefore, it was not a surprise that the test read positive for Da Rona. The only surprising element was how trivially ill I felt.

My explanation of THAT , was that either I had already contracted Da Rona, and my residual immunity served to attenuate the effects of the virus upon me, or that the solitary shot I received of the J & J vax, protected me from getting more ill than I otherwise might have gotten, or that I contracted the omicron variant (or, whatever greek letter presently is up-to-bat) and that, not to put too professional a point on it, it ain’t shit.

Or, some combination of the above. Who knows?

Bad news? I missed two days of work, burning up 2 days of PTO. Good news? TDW-Mark II and I spent a lovely week bonding together. Kind of a dry run for retirement. Bad News, Part II? Staying home is not particularly central to my vision of retirement. Yeah, that’s nice and all that, but, once retired, I anticipate more camping and less screen time than this past week featured.

Good News, Part II? I was about as ill as any other cold that I have had, with more “Ermagerd! Der Roner!” as seasoning.

Never lost my taste (jokes about my plebeian penchant in, well, everything aside…), fever was a kinda-sorta-maybe, nothing fever. No breathlessness, not really much of anything. So, my assessment, 6 days in, is a resounding “Meh?”.

May you all have a similarly underwhelming experience, yourselves!


9 thoughts on “A New Episode, Wherein I Get The Rona

  1. Another possibility is that every infant and grade school kid who wiped their snotty nose on you gave you a dose of SOMETHING. Cross-resistance is a real thing. One pathologist told me that there was statistical evidence that the MMR II vaccine provided a qualitative degree of resistance to da ‘rona.

    That might be one of the reasons that da ‘rona monkey-hammers the folks who live in hermetically sealed, super-sanitary environments.

    Get well soon.


  2. GMTA, Ape. I was already planning on commenting “I hope to follow your example” and then I read your final sentence. I’m glad you didn’t get clobbered.
    My landlord-who-lives-in-the-basement informed us “I tested positive” four days after onset of symptoms. The medical term for his appearance at that time is “crap”. He had un-masked/vaxxed guests twice during quarantine. I’m hoping my shots and exposure to Mr. I-Don’t-Believe-Doctors means I can laugh at the ‘Rona. We’ll see.

    ERJ: Interesting. Thank you for sharing.


  3. I posted a comment in the wrong post, I posted it in your Snippet III. My goof, wasn’t paying close enough attention. My excuse, old and retired…


  4. After avoiding for almost two years of my John Steinbeck impersonation of traveling the country with my travel trailer in tow and visiting places not listed on the Michelin 5-Star rating list. I came down with what I call a bad influenza which promptly decided I needed to know what pneumonia felt like. I spent six days in the luxurious ICU with bi lat lower lobe crud… I have the rapid ‘rona test upon admittance to ER and again at the ICU, of course tested positive, the rub? Tested negative at discharge and ten days later at a post hospital visit with my primary. Asked to see the viral antigen test , not available, What? was my response, why was my next question. Not available to patients. Still fighting the hospital over that from right after Thanksgiving last year.
    My concern is how can someone shed that amount of a viral load after six days and then ten days later? I asked if an influenza test was performed, no was the answer. My next question was my pneumonia bacterial from perhaps wearing the damn mask for extended periods?
    Would you please delete the other diatribe… thank you Reltney McFee?


  5. I had what I think was the OMG(Omicron) over Christmas. Woke Christmas morning with runny nose and eyes(running so bad you’d think I was crying), fever 101.5, extreme weakness, chills, no appetite. After a couple hours I had a couple of rounds of what I’ll term “projectile” diarrhea, fever increased to 102.5. Nose still running like a faucet. I looked up places to get tested.All local testing was being done by appointment only. There were none to be had and I really didn’t trust myself to drive with the weakness anyway. So I languished in bed mostly, except for further trips to the bathroom with a couple more bouts of aforementioned diarrhea and trips to the kitchen for water and food. Slept A LOT the first two days.

    Force fed water, bouillon, canned soups and 1000mg of Vit C every four hours. Day three afternoon, fever broke, but was still pretty weak. Continued above regimen and continued to improve. By day five I was about 95% normal. I’ve never had diarrhea like that ever with the flu or any other kind of illness and never want to have it again.


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