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So, TINS, TIWFDASL….we, uh, no, I was NOT Fighting Disease And Saving Lives, rather, I was at home while TDW-Mark II recovered from surgery. (Thankfully, minor. Well, “Minor” from my perspective. I’m pretty cure that, for whoever goes under anesthesia and awakens with sutures and re-arranged body parts, ain’t no such thing as “minor” surgery!)

In any event, on my multiple rounds on TDW, I noted that there appeared to be two, or three, cats perched upon the bed. Should one depart, one would take station. The others would eat, play, loll about: typical cat stuff. The two, or three, “on watch” all appeared to gaze upon her, that is, if they were not snuggled up against her. Just as if they were, indeed, “on watch”.

Olivia appeared to be the one constant watch-stander. She was perched upon TDW’s pillow, and did not seem to move. Others would appear to rotate in and out, but Olivia was pretty constantly there.

When she (TDW) was up and about the next day, she commented about it. “Every time I opened my eyes, one or more of the cats was there, looking at me. I felt as if I had a couple of private duty, furry little nurses!”

Then she reminisced. “remember that time you had your GI bleed? The two dogs, and all three cats (at one time, my cat crazy was under better control….) were settled in all around you! They would only leave to eat, drink, and go. Then, they were right back.”

At that time, we developed the McFee Critter Triage System: if one animal is sleeping with you, that’s normal stuff.

If two of them, well, likely normal, perhaps not.

If three of them, The Spouse needs to take a closer look at things: it ain’t raht!

Four? When is your doctor appointment?

Both dogs, and all three cats? Call dispatch. It might take some explaining (“Ma’am? Did you just tell me that your emergency is that all five animals are sleeping on the bed with your husband? I…I..don’t understand..?”), but Bad Things are at hand. Do Not Dally.

Fortunately, TDW-Mark II recovered uneventfully.


4 thoughts on “KITTEN TAILS PART VI

  1. Acronym for sale or lease: TIWHCEL (TIW Herding Cats and Enjoying Life)

    When Papa Pierre got the Terminal C our Chihuahua David was very loving and clingy to the Pack Leader…apparently the doggies can detect serious illness with their amazing noses. Cats, probably the same, though it wouldn’t surprise me if some of that could also be “when the goofy hairless tin opening flunky croaks, we eatz it”. How are the new recruits coming along, btw?


    1. Thanks for reading.

      The new recruits (…apt phrasing, that!) are coming along splendidly. The 2nd “flight” were prominently featured among the “honor guard”, and the two youngest kittens took some On Watch time, as well.

      It makes me happy to see both “flights” of kittens playing with each other, and with Momma Kitty.

      Geezer joys, I guess.


  2. I never heard of this before but here’s what happened last week. I sleep in a recliner . It reduces the severity of sleep apnea . I woke up with my heart pounding and racing . Dizzyness also . After 5 or 6 minutes of deep breathing my heart still was flopping around without much pumping action . I heard old Alphonse , a 15 year old cat we adopted after he was abandoned , let out a big meow and here he came bounding into my room and up on my chest he landed . He started purring and my heart slowed down and started pumping normally immediately . Can I explain ? Nope . I’m just thankful to be here .


    1. I’m glad Alphonse was there for you.

      I wonder what your doc thinks of that experience of yours? (That is, the pounding/racing/dizzy bit. Well, that and the cat intervention?)


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