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To be honest, y’all, I present snippets when the fountain of (I certainly hope…) entertaining stories has run a bit slowly, or I have collected several thought fragments which do not inspire an entire blog post. So, with that in mind, here is my latest installment of snippets.

Conversation with a child of Ghawd: “What makes your cough worse?” “What do you mean, ‘worse’?” (never mind: I now know that the answer is “nothing”.)

My mornings: I set the alarm for 0700, in order to get up, get around, and get to work. Kitty wants to play, at 0600.

I wonder if it would save me a lot of pointless conversation should I get a tattoo on my non dominant arm, saying, “Good talk! Here’s your Z-Pak! Have a nice day!”

Triaging one night as an RN, chucklehead enters bitching nonstop, “Stupid hospital! Stupid doctors! Stupid…” “Yes, ma’am, and I am likely the dumbest one here!” “But, you’re a nurse! You cannot be a nurse, and be stupid!” “Yet, ma’am, here I am, as are you! Now, what brought to us tonight?”

”I am going to prescribe an antibiotic for you. What pharmacy do you use?” “I don’t use any pharmacy. I never get sick.” (sigh) “So, what pharmacy are you going to go to, when you do go looking for your antibiotic?”

Overheard conversation among the MA staff: “So, he and I used to ride the bus together!” (I interject) “Is THAT what you kids call it, nowadays?”

When your MA starts report with, “So this guy, almost a year ago…”, you know that whatever follows is very likely to be some sort of cluster.

One day, I will snap, and I will write the following off work note: “Cletus was seen today in clinic. He is released to return to work after the heat death of the universe.”

4 thoughts on “SNIPPETS

  1. Your snippets are not conspiracy theory oriented. That in itself is a delight. Keep ’em coming!

    “You cannot be a nurse, and be stupid!” Oh, I disagree most emphatically for certain kinds of stupid.

    “I never get sick” And yet here you are in need of an antibiotic. How odd. (Yep, I’d get fired before the end of my first day as an actual medical-type person. Come to think of it, I WAS warned about how I spoke to my first X-ray patient with whom I had established a certain folksy rapport…)

    “some sort of cluster” Is that cluster as in an array of symptoms or cluster as in Charlie Foxtrot or ?

    Again, keep doing with the snippets, etc.


      1. A “looming cluster hug” sounds quite ominous. Especially if you’re holding a steaming cup of coffee or, in my case, my lunch/supper chicken soup. I is curious ’bout those other descriptions; future snippet fodder, perhaps?


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