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Loss, helping me appreciate what I have.

Eaton Rapids Joe of the eponymous blog, had a link to, in effect, a video eulogy. The gentleman producing the video blog reported that, last weekend, he and his “Beautiful Wife” had gone to bed, just like a thousand other times, except that only he awakened.

In the course of his remembrances, he tears up, and APOLOGIZES! for doing so.

I commented: “Sir, please do NOT apologize for your tears. Be the genuine, grieving man that you are. And, thank you for the reminder of simply how important my own “Beautiful Wife” is, to me. The simple things are truly the most important.”

My own “Darling Wife-Mark II” (improved version!) did not change my life as dramatically as this gentleman credits his Beautiful Wife with doing, but she did teach me that I could love again, and that even my cynicism required some limits.

Presently she is toiling away, making decorations for my daughter’s wedding. She has devoted uncounted hours to this, creating place settings, hunting down this or that item, in an unstinting effort to make my daughter’s wedding beautiful.

And, to be plain, my daughter is my “step-daughter”. So, the woman she is losing sleep over, whose wedding she is working ever so hard to make just nice, is her step-step-daughter.

That is the sort of quality human being that has graced my life, has been my wife for ten years this autumn.

I will take the time, today, to try to be certain that she understands how she has affirmatively changed my life for the better.

An effort that, if I have a lick of sense, I will repeat daily until the end of time.


4 thoughts on “Loss, helping me appreciate what I have.

  1. Reltney: Thanks for this post. It is good to be reminded my cynicism may have limits. Also, appreciation is good. (Normally, I’d say something snarky about not letting your food preparer know where you keep the warfarin… but I’m trying to be more positive.)


  2. For me, a couple of things are remarkable. One is that I wept for this gentleman’s loss. Another, is his apologies for his tears.

    My thought is, if some ass….well, jackhole, cannot tolerate his genuine grief, well, may such an insensitive dickhead romance a woodchipper. At speed.

    Genuineness touches something inside me.


  3. Rather, thank YOU, sir, for the link to that video blog. It was heartfelt, touching, and a manly giving-of-credit to his “Beautiful Wife”. I still surprise myself with what moves me to tears.

    And, he did.


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