Sometimes You Get to Think That You Have Accomplished Something!

Life Happens

So, for the past year or so, my internal goal was to post a new tale roughly every week. Last week, Friday, 27 August, I did not. And, paying attention as I do (for am I not a steely eyed, all knowing, situationally aware gem of readiness?) (or, not so much. Go with that one!), I noted this fact yesterday.

First, the bad news. My mother is elderly. Indeed, she is yet stretching the “elderly curve”. Therefore, she is medically fragile, although you wouldn’t know it from a perusal of her medicine cabinet. Hell, by that metric, she’s healthier than I am!

So, early last week, let us say, she had “a medical issue”. With Brother A being an accountant, and Brother B being a factory worker, well, that leaves Brother C (that would be me!) to be the medical intermediary. Most of us might find that to be, well, distracting. Indeed, I did find myself distracted. So, while we await biopsy results, doctor office visits, in this The Age Of WuFlu, and related malarky, I work, do my household chores, and sleep, when not voyaging to Da City to visit The Maternal Unit.

All of this to say to the hundred or so guests who visit this site every week, thank you for your patronage, sorry about the skipped week thing, and I ought to have more “Sea Stories” coming up in a week or so.


11 thoughts on “Life Happens

  1. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be here when you have time.

    There are more important things on your plate right no. God bless, and you, your family, and your mom are in our prayers.


  2. You have one job. Take the best care of Mom that you can. We are all pulling for the best for you guys and for Mom.


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